What’s new on the discussion board: How will Avatar match up with other new theme park lands?

By Robert Niles: Yesterday’s news about Disney bringing Avatar to Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World has sparked several new conversations on the Theme Park Insider discussion Board. (But first, thanks to WDWDads for posting this nightmare fuel image on Twitter.)

Andy Milito kicks it off with Disney Adding Avatar to Animal Kingdom. Your Reaction?

Dominick D sets up the battle royale in Orlando over the next decade: Avatar vs Transformers vs Fantasyland vs Despicable Me.

And David L follows by asking your thoughts on two other theme park mega projects: Carsland or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

Zackiel Marsh boils down to an essential question for many theme/amusement park fans: Theme vs Thrill

Daniel Etcheberry asks us to think back a bit and tell everyone Which is the ride that impressed you the most when you rode it the first time?

On that topic, Tim Hillman asks us – as theme parks – When Did You Know You Were Hooked?

I jumped in earlier this week to ask you to share some of your favorite backstories about theme park attractions in The ‘bar brag’ – what are your favorite theme park trivia stories?

Giovanny Cruz asks Is Legoland Florida going to be a competition for Universal and Disney?

Jeff Elliott notes last week’s Golden Ticket Awards and several readers wonder just what the voters in those awards were thinking.

Finally, Jeff wraps up the week, pre-Avatar, with Last Week At Your Amusement Park……September 19.

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