Top 5 destinations for flower lovers

Flowers tickle not only the imagination, the heart, but touches one soul. A bouquet is nice but fields of flowers are just overwhelming. These flower farms are not travel destinations on their own but the colors of tulips, lavender, roses, daisies and other flowers will just make anyone take the turn. Here are some of the best places to see the loveliest flowers in the world:

The Netherlands

Going to the Netherlands during spring time makes it a capital sin not to see the tulips and daffodils. After all, after the good life in Amsterdam, they are most famous for their flowers. They grow it and export it all over the globe. The fields of flowers in the Netherlands resemble the colors of the rainbow. If you are going between April thru September, you might just be in time for the fabulous flower parades. Visit Alkmaar in the northern portion of Holland where aside from the flowers you will learn a lot about the history and try their best samples of cheese. . Another great flower destination will be Keukenhoff known to be the biggest garden of flowers.


The country is still trying to stand up from the deadly earthquake and tsunami, but the country has long been known for the cherry blossoms which invades the urban landscapes in Tokyo, Nagasaki, Kyoto, and Osaka. The delicate countryside of Japan gets even more beautiful with the blooming flowers. Travel to Japan during the season of cherry blossoms and picnic under the clouds, flowers, and other colors of spring.

New Zealand

This country has countless of picturesque landscapes. If you want a candy colored field of flowers, go to the South Island and you will be more fascinated with this country. New Zealand is a big garden of mother nature. During the summer, try to visit Lake Tekapo and marvel at the carpet of flowers.

Provence (France)

Travellers flock to Provence in France every year to see fields covered by lavenders, poppies, and sunflowers as far as your eyes can see. It is like a scene out of a framed painting by a master. If you will be in Provence, there is more to the flowers of course. There are old distilleries, historic towns, and rustic villages that you can tour. Head towards Luberon or Ventoux and you will catch more images with your digital camera beyond the great landscape of flowers.


This country has a lot of its surface covered with forests, pastures, meadows, and agriculture. Denmark also boasts of wild flowers in vibrant colors serving as backdrop to its countryside and to some old castles. The spring spells an explosion of colors because of the blooming poppies, daisies, forget-me-nots, and red clovers. There are also wild orchids if you go to the town of Gentofte.


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