Techy London hotel, Eccleston Square set to open in July

We have heard of several London hotels set to open this year that aims to meet the consumers needs in terms of affordability and service. The most high tech hotel in London, the Eccleston Square, is scheduled to open its doors on the 4th day of July.

The Eccleston Square Hotel will be a techy travellers heaven with Peakaboo Bathrooms with clear glass that can turn to an opaque with a press of a button. In case you will book a room in this London hotel, you will have iPad 2 jusst by your side table that you can use to order some food and drinks, schedule a session with a personal trainer, or book a soothing massage. The cold weather outside the hotel is out of the equation with the heated floors of the Eccleston Square.

The hotel even provides you with Nespresso Machines for some quick gourmet treat. The bed spells more than comfort since they are equipped with their own massage system. Aside from the free WiFi, you can enjoy some good stuff on the television with their 3D TV in all of its 46-inch glory.

This may be considered among the best hotels in London for all the amenities you can list down. It may be even at par with the luxury brand hotels in London.

One down side of the Eccleston Square Hotel is the small rooms . The price though are pretty reasonable with 350 GBP for their city suites and 250 GBP for their city queen room during their opening promo. Visit the hotel?s facebook page and you might just get some discount.


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