8 Most colorful lakes in the world

Lakes are always perfect for some picnic, maybe for some hiking around its beautiful surroundings, and of course for some photography. Some lakes look dull and plain while some are very colorful making them picture perfect. We list down some of the most fascinating and most beautiful lakes in the world.



Jiuzhaigou is not the name of a lake but is a town in China which is home to a good number of green, turquoise, and blue lakes. The lakes are locally known as the Haizi or meaning the Son of the Sea. You will be able to see the bottom of these lakes because of the very clear waters which were from glacier activity.



Kelimutu is actually a volcano with three craters on its summit that have lakes in different colors. The green one is the Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai. The blue lake is known as the Tiwu Ata Mbupu. The third lake which is reddish is called the Tiwu Ata Polo. According to geologists, the different colors of the lakes is due to fumaroles or openings on the crust of the earth. Kelimutu definitely brings color to the tourism of Indonesia.


Lake Pukaki

New Zealand has some of the best destinations that seem to be lifted from the pages of a fairy tale. Lake Pukaki is another of New Zealand?s wonders. The glacier blue color is just like off from the palette of an artisan. The beautiful lake was formed from glaciers that started receding decades ago. Today, fine particles , or glacier flour, from the glaciers give the body of water its distinct cool blue color.


Lake Moraine

The blue waters of Moraine is another example of light reflecting on glacier flour or fine particles of rock. This stunning natural wonder is located at the Banff National Park with the picturesque Valley of Ten Peaks making its borders and backdrop.. Check with the local guides if you plant to explore the hiking trails in the area. These walking paths are sometimes closed because of grizzly bears.


Band-e Amir

Although it may not be ideal to visit Afghanistan at the moment, it has one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. You can find Band-e Amir amid the Hindu Kush Mountains in the central part of the country. Band-e Amir is actually a chain of lakes, six to be exact, that has been declared as a national park since 2008. The lakes came about when waters rich in minerals leaked out of cracks and faults in the mountains thousand and thousands of years ago. The varying color is attributed to the high levels of minerals.


Laguna Verde

If you know a little Spanish, you will know right from the start that color of this lake is green (verde). It is located in the higher plains in the south western portion of Bolivia. Just by the base of Lincabur Volcano. The color of the waters is due to the high deposits of the copper. The area is also famous for hot springs and the picture perfect environment around Laguna Verde.


Plitvice Lakes

If you will be having a Croatia holiday, make sure you have the Plitvice Lakes in your list. It consists of sixteen lakes that are famous for their azure, gray, blue, and green colors. Depending on the amount of minerals in the water, number of organisms, or how the sunlight hits the lakes, the waters vary its colors.


Laguna Colorada

This reddish lake can be found in Bolivia. The color of the water in Laguna Colorada is due to algae pigmentation and the red sediments. This lake is also home to flamingos and other bird species. The Laguna Colorada is considered a seasonal lake which means it goes through a cycle of evaporation through the different months of the year and causes the formation of borax islands.


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