Adventure Tours in Mexico

Mexico is a land worthy of visit. It is even named as the “land of many faces” being a country that is rich in diversity. Yes, the history, culture, and people of Mexico are a unique blend that makes the country truly an exotic destination for a great adventure tour.

However, not only the people, culture, and history of Mexico make the country truly a place worth visiting. Its geography plays a great part on it. Mexico presents a number of attractions that will surely impress every traveler. There are the ancient ruins of the Aztecs and Mayas, the deserts, green lush mountains, and of course the country’s tropical rainforests. Mexico also offers plenty of leisure pursuits and relaxation options for you to choose from, adding more level of excitement to your adventure tours in Mexico.

Before I forget I will like to thank my good friend Pablo Hinostroza (admin of rastrear un celular). He is an old friend and help me prepare this article and was kind enough to rate this experiences in Mexico. I promised to travel to Mexico next time he goes, will see how that goes. Thanks good friend.

Adventure Tours in Mexico

Speaking of adventure tours in Mexico, it is interesting to know that nearly thousands of adventure tours are available in the country today. Most of these tours are operated by large travel companies, but there are others that are offered by small travel agencies.

Do you want to know what adventure tours in Mexico are available today? If so, here are few of them.

Yucatan Adventure in Cancun, Mexico

The Yucatan Adventure tours in Mexico are said to be perfect for those who wish to experience the exciting mix of tropical Mexico. These adventure tours in Mexico are usually operated by the largest companies, and all of them regardless of the differences in plans and leaders give you the chance to discover the unique culture of the ancient Mayan Indians. They also engage into steamy jungle adventures, and even treks to the mystical highlands and attractive beaches of the Caribbean.

Teotihuacan Pyramid Tours in Mexico City

Heard about the city of gods? Well, that’s located in the Teotihuacan area in Mexico City. Well, if you want to discover what’s inside this structure, then the Teotihuacan adventure tours in Mexico City is no doubt the right option for you to take. The Teotihuacan adventure tours in Mexico will actually bring you to one of the biggest cites of ancient Mexico, which also happens to be the birth place of the fifth sun according to the Aztecs – the city of gods. Here, you can walk through the Avenue of Death and be awed by the Quetzalcoatl Temple. Also, the Teotihuacan adventure tours in Mexico City will introduce you to the shrine of Guadalupe, which is considered as a holy place since the times of Aztecs and is second to the most visited Catholic site on earth. Now, isn’t it exciting?

Twilight Two Tank Dive in Cozumel, Mexico

The twilight two tank dive is another great form of adventure tours in Mexico. This tour is offered particularly in Cozumel by a company named Cozumel Sports, and since it is a diving adventure tour, it’s understandable that this is perfect for divers and those who love the waters. So if you attracted to this kind of activity, then consider this in one of your adventure tours in Mexico for this will allow you to experience diving as close as the animals and coral reefs underwater. This is, after all, a privilege not everybody has the chance to experience as many of the people today don’t know how to swim.

Great Adventure in Bahamas Travel and Tours Packages

It is said that vacation is good for one’s spirit and I agree to that. Getting away from your daily activities that have become boring routines, is the best way to relax and treat yourself to a taste of adventure you always dreamed of. How will you spend your vacation where there are plenty of adventurous activities to keep your pulse racing and blood pumping? Places like the Bahamas, where there are plenty of sun, sand, and water for you to enjoy, have fun, and to unwind.

Bahamas Travel and Tours Packages

Bahamas offers a wide selection of exciting tours and travel for you to select that suits your taste and adventurous spirit. The adventure in Bahamas travel and tours include shark adventure, 2-ank dive trip, snorkel Bahamas adventure tour, SUB (scenic underwater bubbles) Bahamas adventure, and many more.

Shark adventure in Bahamas travel and tours is a 5- hour, 2-tank dive program which takes thrill- seekers to where the wild sharks are and gives you the opportunity to see up close and personal the magnificent but misunderstood creatures in the dazzling waters of the Bahamas. There are actually four sites where you can dive with the sharks, and at either location you will encounter a get-together of Caribbean Reef Sharks on a regular basis. Your first dive is actually a free swim with the sharks and the second dive is a shark-feeding dive. During the feeding dive, this is where most of the adventure sets in. If I were to do it, I would probably be thinking that sharks will be more interested in me than the bait!

If you love the waters, diving is among the best adventure in Bahamas travel and tours that you must try. This 2-tank dive trip package is recommended for any enthusiastic diver, where you will be taken to the most popular and famous reefs famous in the diving world. In addition, you will get an opportunity to explore an underwater adventure rich in natural wonders and you may get a chance to explore the famous James Bond wreck. You will have two dives and both dives are going to be a combination of a wall and wreck, wall and reef or wreck and reef. The weather condition is the basis for selecting exact sites for diving.

The snorkel adventure in Bahamas travel and tours will take you to an undersea extravaganza of living coral and tropical marine life. You will get a rare opportunity of swimming with schools of colorful fish in the shallows reefs. Each trip takes advantage of the numerous and different underwater sites from which the water is clearest and calmest to begin your snorkeling adventure. And, if the weather is perfect and your companions have the adventure spirits, it’s possible that you can be taken off to snorkel with one of the most magnificent but misunderstood creatures of the sea, the sharks. Sharks are one of the mesmerizing marine animals you will ever see. You can snorkel with your guide (of course!) as the sharks swim calmly deeper down below you. If you don’t have the guts, you can watch from the boat, which I would prefer!

The SUB adventure in Bahamas travel and tours offers you a submarine experience of a lifetime. This 5-hour trip begins with a submarine orientation by a professional SUB guide, wherein you will learn the basic piloting skills and easy operating and communication procedures. Right after, you will board on the comfortable custom-built 55’ support vessel that will take you to one of the famous reefs. A seahorse-shaped submarine propels you at a depth of 15’ around a coral reef and together with colorful fish at a speedy two knots. All throughout your submarine adventure, a team of professional SUB guides will supervise and escort you and your friends around an extravagant coral reef, feeding the fish along the way and stopping to show you the marine life. Isn’t that an amazing adventure indeed? I would love to try and experience that someday (hopefully sharks are not around!).

This exciting and thrill-filled adventure in Bahamas travel and tours will surely take your breath away. Amidst the beautiful, spectacular places and sites that is Bahamas; your getaway will surely be the best. A repeat is definitely possible!

Machu Picchu Traveling

I found this beautiful infographic (from Angie Ruiz, not sure what her website is), if you want to read more about traveling to this exciting place, just click for more information > Machu Picchu articles.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Such a wonderful place. I remember visiting when I was 8 or 9 years old. It was incredible to see all the stone structures up high in the mountain. I remember taking one of those trains from Cusco and took us 3 or 4 hours to get to the Sacred City.

There are a lot of articles about the Inca Trail, a wonderful hike to Machu Picchu and also information about the train, and the best times to travel to Machu Picchu. Enjoy.




La Biotina puede Prevenir la Caida del Cabello

Biotina juega un papel importante para prevenir la caída del cabello. La mayoría de los nutricionistas están de acuerdo que la biotina es una de las vitaminas importantes para apoyar el crecimiento del cabello. También es común aconsejar tomar biotina para complementar los tratamientos para la perdida de pelo como Monoxidillo o Propecia.

perdida de peloUna deficiencia de biotina puede causar que el pelo sea frágil e insalubre, y hasta rotura del cabello, que resulta en caída del cabello. La biotina también mantiene tu piel y uñas saludables, además de ser un ingrediente importante para el crecimiento del pelo nuevo.

Los suplementos son a veces necesarios para regresar a la normalidad los niveles de biotina, pero se recomienda incluir la biotina regularmente en tu dieta. Dos alimentos que contienen buenas cantidades de biotina son el hígado y las yemas de huevo. Sin embargo, una cantidad alta de estos alimentos es necesaria para obtener un valor suficiente para las necesidades de nuestro pelo por lo que se sugiere el uso de suplementos de biotina.

Otros alimentos llenos de biotina incluyen la levadura de cerveza, avena, soya, guisantes, semillas de girasol, arroz integral y nueces. En términos de los huevos, la habilidad de tu cuerpo para digerir la biotina se reduce cuando también se come altos niveles de proteína, esto se debe a que la biotina se une fácilmente a las proteínas y no se consume en nuestro cuerpo, lo que a su vez causa la deficiencia de la biotina y la caída del cabello. Por lo tanto, aleja los huevos crudos de tu dieta y disminuye el uso de proteína en polvo y en barra para mejorar la eficacia de la biotina. Adicionalmente puedes utilizar algún champú con biotina y sílice como ingredientes.

Un hecho curioso es que las personas con sangre de tipo A no tienen la capacidad de absorber totalmente las vitaminas B. La biotina es clasificada como una vitamina B, así que si tú tienes sangre de tipo A, añadiendo altas dosis de 5 a 8 gramos dos veces al día de biotina será suficiente para poder ayudarte a prevenir la caída del cabello. En la actualidad no se conocen de efectos secundarios debido a la alta dosis de biotina pero consulta con tu doctor para estar más seguro.

Otro grupo de personas que pueden absorber menos biotina y causar la caída del cabello son aquellas que sufren de acidez estomacal o reflujo ácido y que están tomando antiácidos. Si te preocupa la caída de cabello, observa tu uso de antiácidos.